It's nice to meet you. My name is Ryan McVeety, and I'm a programmer. I've worked on many projects, ranging from computer security and cryptography to 3D graphics and game engines. More recently, I've been doing full-stack web and mobile app development. You can see some of my expirience below, and feel free to get in touch if you have something you want to discuss.


I work on the team maintaining the Customer Service Portal at Bloomberg. The site allows Bloomberg customers to view account information and create support tickets, amoung other things. My current work is focused on writing a new part of the site using a modern tech stack, including GraphQL and React/Redux.

605 (2017-2018)

605 does television audience analytics. The work I did there was fairly varied, ranging from fairly standard full-stack work with Ruby on Rails for client facing applications to more back-end work on data ingestion and processing using Scala and Spark.

Fresco News (2015-2017)

Fresco is an innovative citizen-driven news network, empowering regular people to become citizen journalists and get paid for their work. I got in the door pretty early, and as a consequence I had my hands in almost every part of the codebase. I mainly worked on the back-end API, written in NodeJS, but I also wrote the framework for the Android app, and even dabbled a little in the web front-end.

Workwave (2015-2016)

Workwave creates software for the field service and fleet management industry. While there, I worked on the PestPac Mobile app, which allows pest control technicians to manage their work orders and schedules on their smartphone. I also did some work on the API the app uses, and the PestPac application itself.

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